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Who we are

Radalco was established in 2019 by Aleksandra and Radek Nawrot. In-depth professional knowledge and business experience of these two helped the company to develop long term relations with our customers very fast. Those traits supported by the trust of our industry partners and customers became the essence of Radalco.
The company operates worldwide with the main focus on European and North American markets.
Radalco owns two sides at Gliwice, Poland.

Our Approach

What we do

Radalco delivers high-quality solutions for the semiconductor industry.
We provide a complex solution for design and verification, as well as help in solving problems with your EDA flow.
We can advise on how to create your design and verification environment
We can fit custom made and off the shelf EDA solutions
We can provide IP and VIP cores for your project

Our Story

Radalco Management Team

Radalco Co-Founders

Radek Nawrot

Radosław Nawrot

President & CEO

Radek is acting as a President and Chief Executive Officer. Before the current Radalco role, he was engaged for many years in the EDA industry, most recently as a simulation tools manager and director of operations. Previously he has worked as an R&D engineer in Europe. Radek holds his M.S. in Electronic and Communication Engineering from Silesian University of Technology, Poland. Expertise in business development professional, skilled in IC Verification, Software Engineering, Product Management, Sales, and Marketing.

Aleksandra Nawrot

Aleksandra Postawa-Nawrot, PhD

Vice President

Aleksandra Postawa-Nawrot is Vice President at Radalco, Gliwice, Poland. She is also a co-owner of the company.

She received her B.S from Fachhochschule Lausitz in Cottbus, Germany. She was granted her Masters as well as her PhD degrees by the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland.

After 12 years of experience in running national and international projects in the field of wastelands transformations as well as architecture and design (first as a team leader, then as a project and business development manager), she built a solid foundation of managing and operational skills. This resulted in confidence when founding her own business.

7 years of university work with students resulted in many award-winning projects as well as gave her confidence in public presentations. Her PhD studies had been presented at many international conferences, mostly in Europe and Asia.

Studying in Germany gave her fluency in the German language. This, combined with the natural joy of traveling and interests in various cultures, resulted in a preference for an international work environment.

She currently resides in Gliwice with her husband and children, never hesitates to show her family most of the world, even in the farthest countries.

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